Teodoro DeCastillo – “Gira cone me Questa notte”..

In Style In Spirit Up & Coming Artist.

Tenor Teodoro De Castillo was born in Palermo,

Sicilia an island off Italy. He moved to Cyprus

in his teen years. His training & Education include

the Palermo Musical Modern Opera school

where he graduated in 2005 with a Percorso BA.

His influence is with contemporary Opera, along

with classical & musical Theatre.

in 2009 he toured for 2 years with a group of

four, dedicated to a tribute to -Il Divo-, The UK

based band mixing genres from Opera to Pop music.

Since 2010, Teo performs solo around Europe, in

Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, The Greek

Islands, Bulgaria & UK to name a few.

He also came across collaborations with artists

such as Tina Chester. Teo grew up with a very

early decision to follow his idols steps; Pavarotti,

Bocelli, Groban & like

them, sing around the world.

He currently works on recording Projects for Italy

& Austria.

…M u s i c T r a n s c e n d s ALl!…







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